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Urine Analyzer

Urine Analyzer


 l Parameters: BIL, URO, KET, VC, GLU, PRO, BLD, PH, NIT, LEU, SG, MALB, CRE, Ca


  l Principle: Reflectance photometry


  l High throughout put up to 514 tests/hpur

l LCD touch screen with user-friendly interface

l Automatic correction on the influence of non-specificity,pH, SG and color on the test results

l Automatic collection of used test strips

l Built-in low noise thermal printer,External printer connectable

l Automatic results saving and uploading function avaliable

l With power-on self-checking and automatic fault reporting system. Automatic error warning system.LCD Touch Screen

l NMPA approved original quality control materials avaliable


Technilcal Parameters


l  Parameters: BIL, URO, KET, VC, GLU, PRO, BLD, PH, NIT, LEU, SG, MALB, CRE, Ca

l Throughput: 514 tests/hour

l Repeatability: test result CV1%

l Accuracy: The difference between test result and target value is no more than one level, no false nagative result when test with positive reference solution and no false positive result when test with negative reference solution

l Stability: test result CV1% with power on of 8 hours

l Strips: 11,12,14 parameter optional

l Storage: 100000 test results

l Printing: built-in thermal printers, or external printer optional

l Working Temperature: 5-40

l Relative Humidity: 30%~80%

l Working Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

l Power: 45VA

l Dimensions: 380*320*190mm

l Weight: 4.5kg

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