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Since 2000, AVE has been engaged in research and development on the technology of morphological microscopic automation based on Machine Vision and was the first in the world, realizing the Automation of Urine Microscopy by presenting 6 subseries, over 20 models of Urine Formed Elements Analyzer like AVE-762、 AVE-763、AVE-764、AVE-765、AVE-766、AVE-767 to meet various demands from different levels of medical and health organizations. In 2011, AVE launched the combination of AVE-75 series Automatic Urine Analyzers and AVE-764 series Urine Formed Elements Analyzers, which provide a one stop and efficient solution to routine urine test for heavy work load and kidney disease specialized laboratories. Up to now, AVE has more than 3200 users in China, obtaining the biggest market share in the field by holding 23% of all Class III hospitals, 52% of Class II hospitals and 25% of the rest ones.                        
Afterwards, AVE has successfully applied the technology to morphological test of blood, feces etc. and supportive remote diagnostic system. The upcoming AVE-56 series Fully Automated Feces Analyzers, relying on AVE's technology and experience on morphological microscopy automation, will present its significant advantage in automatic sample recognition and is highly expected to become the leading brand in the field of routine feces test.

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