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Vaginal Secretions Analyzer

Vaginal Secretions Analyzer



Microscopy Measurement

l RBC, WBC, Epithelial Cells, Clue Cells, Trichomonas Vaginalis, Bacteria, Fungus, Cleanliness,Bacterial Density and Diversity, Dominant Bacteria, Pathogenic Microorganisms, Nugent score, AV score, etc.

Chemistry Measurement

l pH:An important indicator reflecting the micro-ecologicalbalance of vaginal. 

l H2O2:Used to assess the quantity of dominant lactobacillus for maintaining vaginal micro-ecological balance.

l Leukocyte Esterase(LE):Inflammatory response markerreflecting the quantity of WBC in vaginal secretions.

l Alkaline Phosphatase(ALP):Positive results indicate vaginal inflammation.

l Neuraminidase(SNa):Secreted by gardnerella vaginalis and some anaerobic bacteria.It’san indicator of pathogenic bacteria, positive results indicate bacterial vaginosis.

l β-Glucuronidase(β-G):An enzyme secreted by aerobic bacteria, positive results indicate aerobic vaginitis.

l Proline Aminopeptidase(PLD):Positive results indicate colpomycosis or anaerobic vaginitis.

l Acetylglucosaminidase(NAG):An specific enzyme secreted by fungi and trichomoniasis, together with reference to pH, fungal vaginitis(pH<4.5)and trichomonas vaginitis(pH>5.0)can be indicated.

l Coagulase(CG):An enzyme synthesized and secreted by aerobic bacteria,of which positive results indicate aerobic vaginitis.



ü Microscopy Measurement: Machine Vision Technology is applied to scan and capture full-view field images of formed elements in secretionssamples, and thenidentify, classifyand count them automatically.

ü Chemistry Measurement: Images of colorations from rapid test kits reacted with samples are captured and automatically interpreted.




l Unique design of integration, chemistry measurement and microscopy measurement can be done by one stop sampling with easier operation and more precise results.


l Measurement modes optional: chemistry or microscopy alone or chemistry and microscopy together

More results

l Chemistry and Microscopy measurements done together makescomprehensive score of vaginal micro-ecological environment, improvesthe rate of clinical diagnosis, confirm the type of vaginitis by one stop and guide the clinical treatments.

Chemistry Measurement

l Automatic incubation and results interpretation effectively avoid the possibility of human interference.

l Flexibleoptions of rapid test kits in accordance with clinical purpose.

Microscopy Measurement

l Full-view field scanning and automated locating under LP, and automated tracking, identifying, classifying and counting of particles under HP to increase positive detection rate

l Comprehensive report with both full-view field and segmented images, on-screen verification of suspicious particles and no manual microscopic review required.

l Accuracy of automatic identification can be continuously improved by software upgrading.


Technilcal Parameters

l Throughput: ≥120 tests/h 

l Detection rate: ≥90% for sample at concentration of 5 cells/µl

l Accuracy: For microscopy measurement -≥95%

l For chemistry measurement –Testing results and the reference solution are within 1 tolerance level;no false positive and false negative.

l Repeatability:

For microscopy measurement:







For chemistry measurement: CV≤1%

l Carryover: formicroscopy measurement- at concentration of 5000cells/ul:≤1cells/µl

l for chemistry measurement- cross test of negative and positive reference solution, no false positive

l Report: comprehensive report showing both images and diagrams, with microscopy images,morphological analysis results, chemistry results

l Sampler:Loading capacity of 60 samples in racks

l STAT: available

l Result storage:≥1,000,000 results

l Printer:External laser

l Interfaces:Bidirectional data transmission with LIS/HIS

l Network function:connectable to the networks of laboratory and hospital to realize paperless transmission of reports


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