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China's detailed registration process of medical devices

Medical device registration is an essential part of ensuring product safety, effectiveness, and quality. This article will introduce the whole process of medical device registration in detail, including pre-application preparation, registration test, clinical trial, establishment of system, application acceptance, approval of registration, issuance of registration certificate and follow-up supervision.


I. Pre-application preparation

Before starting the registration process, the applicant needs to make full preparations. First, understand the relevant laws, regulations, and standards to ensure that the product meets the regulatory requirements of the country and region. Second, confirm the product category, clinical pathway and so on. At the same time, it is also necessary to designate specialized personnel to be responsible for the registration work to ensure the process goes smoothly.


II. Registration tests

The applicant carries out tests on the samples ready to be submitted, and these tests include product performance testing, safety assessment, validation of effectiveness and many other aspects to ensure that the product can achieve the expected results and will not cause harm to the user in the process of use, and the product inspection report can be issued by a qualified medical device inspection organization, or it can be the applicant's self-test report. At the same time, in the sample testing process, the applicant needs to provide adequate support, such as providing qualified samples.


III. Clinical trials

Clinical trials can be conducted only if the registration test is qualified. First of all, it is necessary to confirm that the product is not in the exemption list or cannot pass the comparative evaluation of the same species; secondly, it is necessary to register in the clinical record of the drug administration department, to screen the organization doing the clinical trial and to prepare the clinical trial plan; finally, after the meeting of the ethical organization to consider the plan and to determine that it can be carried out, then formally start the clinical trial. At the same time, clinical trials need to recruit a sufficiently large sample size, clinical coordinators, clinical supervisors need to follow up the whole process, and ultimately form a clinical evaluation report.


IV. Build system

According to the requirements of "Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Devices", the GMP production quality system should be established before registration. The system mainly includes the reasonable allocation of documents and personnel sites and the requirements of product production quality.


V. Admissibility of applications

The applicant is required to submit application materials to the registration authority, including product risk analysis information; product technical requirements; product test reports; clinical evaluation information; product specifications and labeling samples; quality management system documents related to the development and production of the product; and other information necessary to prove the safety and efficacy of the product.

The Drug Administration will conduct a preliminary review to determine whether the application meets the requirements. If the application materials are complete and meet the requirements, the application will be accepted, and the next step will be arranged.


VI. Approval of registration

After the registration acceptance is completed, the drug regulatory authority will carry out technical review. If the application meets the requirements, the registration authority will issue a certificate of registration of medical device products, allowing the product to be sold in the market. If the registration information does not pass, the drug regulatory department will give the hair replacement information requirements, the applicant needs to be completed within a specified period to send the corrective work of the item and submit again, after passing into the next stage.


VII. Issuance of registration certificates

The registration certificate is an important basis for the legal sale of medical device products. After the approval, the registration organization will issue the registration certificate to the applicant. The applicant needs to check the information on the certificate carefully to ensure accuracy. Meanwhile, the registration authority will manage the validity and renewal of the certificate to ensure the continuous compliance of the product.


VIII. Follow-up Supervision

To ensure the safety and quality of medical device products, the registration authority will carry out continuous supervision of the registered products. This includes regular inspections of the production site, sampling of product quality, as well as collecting and analyzing product-related safety information. If potential risks or problems are found in the products, the registration authority will take appropriate measures, such as ordering the suspension of production and recalling the products, to ensure public health and safety.

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