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AVE Science & Technology Co. Ltd. listed on the SSE STAR MARKET



On June 16, 2021, AVE Science & Technology Co. Ltd. was listed on the Sci-Tech innovation board. Stock abbreviation is AVE Science & Technology. Stock code is 688067. The number of A shares publicly issued this time is 17 million shares, the issue price is 14.71 yuan/share, the opening price is 38.24 yuan/share, and the maximum increase at the time of press is 207%.


In the first quarter of 2021, AVE Science & Technology has an operating income of RMB 47,239,100 and a net profit of RMB 6,573,200.




AVE Science & Technology 's revenues in 2020, 2019 and 2018 were 180 million yuan, 190 million yuan, and 150 million yuan respectively; the corresponding net profits during the same period were 30 million yuan, 51 million yuan, and 27 million yuan respectively.



AVE Science & Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise whose main business is the research and development, production, sales and service of medical clinical laboratory analysis instruments and supporting in vitro diagnostic reagents and medical consumables. Based on the original medical microscope automatic microscopy technology, we have developed a series of automatic urine, feces, genital secretions and other series of medical testing instruments, and independently developed and produced reagents and medical consumables that match the testing instruments. The products are widely used in various Class medical and health institution inspection department. More than 10,000 inspection instruments have been installed at home and abroad, and terminal installations have been implemented in more than 4,000 hospitals across the country.


AVE Science & Technology has been focusing on the original research and related product development of the key common technologies of "Medical Microscope Morphological Inspection Automation Based on Machine Vision Technology" for nearly 20 years and applied "Machine Vision Technology" to the morphology of clinical pathological specimens in medical and health institutions. In the scientific inspection, it fills the technical gap in the field of medical microscope morphology inspection automation and belongs to the original innovation in the technical route, technical method, and technical level.



Focusing on routine urine examination in medical clinical examination, AVE Science & Technology initiated the original research on the related technology of "Automatic Morphological Examination of Medical Microscope with Machine Vision Technology" in 2001 and realized the application of technology and achievement transformation in the microscopic examination of urine sediment. In 2002, AVE Science & Technology successfully developed the first generation of intelligent and automatic urine sediment microscopic examination product -- "AVE-761 urine sediment intelligent analyzer".





Relying on the key common technology, AVE Science & Technology gradually extends to the product fields of automatic stool analyzer, automatic gynecological secretion analyzer, automatic body fluid analyzer, automatic blood analyzer, etc., while promoting the industrialization of related technologies, so that ordinary people can enjoy fast, affordable and convenient modern medical diagnostic technology services.



AVE Science & Technology will continue to adhere to the core concept of "science and technology serve health", take "creating results, realizing value, long-term survival, and common development" as the business purpose. In the future, AIWEI technology will develop better and better and contribute to the cause of health in China!

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