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 Thememedical digital age

The 79th CMEF (the 26th ICMD) was held in Shanghai on April 4th, 2018.The theme is medical digital age. The digital wave in medical field is fully impact and covers every links in medical industry chain. 




 Adhering to the core philosophy of “Technology Serves Health”, AVE Technology has been specializing in the clinical testing products to provide appropriate modern medical device. As a pioneer in the field of Morphological Microscopy Automation, AVE has obtained international leading digital image technology, which applied in the field of urine, feces and body fluid. All the main products were exhibited. We have more than 5000 users all around the world, with the good experience and high market share for AVE-76 series Urine Formed Elements Analyzer. AVE-562 Fully Automated Feces Analyzer is widely praised with remarkable innovation and high detection. The new product of AVE-772 Fully Automated Integrated Urine Analyzer gain popularity with competitive price, good quality and best service.


Highlight 1AVE-562 Fully Automated Feces Analyzer

AVE-562 owns more than 50 patent and innovation technologies, to perfectly perform fully automation. It takes the manual microscopy method as the Gold Standard, fulfilling complete automation of the feces test. Automatic sample prepare; automatic detection of color, character, formed elements and fecal occult blood, rotavirus, adenovirus, helicobacter pylori etc. We have more than 500 users on AVE-562 at present.


Highlight 2AVE-772 Fully Automated Integrated Urine Analyzer

Smart shape, save space, with fully automated intelligent microscopy, with the most advanced image recognition system……


The unique design with both chemistry and microscopy measurements integrated, which makes both measurements done by sampling once. Measurement modes optional: chemistry, microscopy, or chemistry+microscopy. It is aimed at providing an efficient, convenient and economic solution for clinical laboratory. AVE has been implementing strict management system to ensure products of top quality and performance and satisfactory after-sale service to clients and customers. Nowadays, AVE has become a leading brand in domestic and more and is becoming more popular in international market.

Product communications


AVE family

The four-day conference ended successfully with the effort of all AVE families. AVE technology gains more and more recognition from different medical institutions, specialists, and distributor. We will always concentrate on the core philosophy of “Technology Serves Health”. We will continuously improve the efficiency and quality, to provide professional technical support and services for clinical laboratory.


Thank you for your coming again. Let’s meet in Shenzhen next time.


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