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AVE-763 Series

Urine Formed Elements Analyzer

5-tube rack forwarding sampler, compatible with Urine Analyzers and customized for small/medium-sized laboratories.



All types of Urine Formed Elements are classified and counted, with automatic erythrocytes morphological analysis available and real images and statistical diagrams displayable and printable;

It is connectable to Automatic Urine Analyzers and a comprehensive report is generated;

Urine physical indexes are reportable;

Extensible tests of Hydrothoax, Cerebrospinal Fluid etc. can be done as well.




Use automated morphological microscopy technology to capture real images of urine formed elements, and then locate and track, recognize, classify and count them.


*  Made strictly according to ISLH Recommended Reference Procedure for the Enumeration of Particles in Urine;
*  Un-centrifuged urine samples at cutoff concentration level of 3-5cell/µl are detectable;
*  Automatic sampling system;
*  Automatic recognition, classification and quantitation of urine formed elements;
*  Precise erythrocytes morphological analysis helps to determine the source of hematuria;
*  Real whole view-field microscopic images of urine formed elements are presented;
*  Automatic notice of verification and on-screen verification, no additional microscopic review needed;
*  Characteristic parameters of urine formed elements are available for further clinical research;
*  Standardized and confirmatory analysis report with both images and diagrams available;
*  Self-learning ability continuously improves the recognition accuracy;
*  Unique morphological quality control available;
*  Unidirectional or bidirectional interface with LIS/HIS;
*  Software and language upgrades by USB stick;
*  Data receivable from automatic urine analyzers, customized for medium- sized laboratories.

Technilcal Parameters


Auto-detected Urine Formed Elements:  Normal red blood cells (NRBC), Abnormal red blood cells (ARBC), White blood cells (WBC), Casts (CAST), Epithelial cells( EPI), Yeast (YST), Crystals (CRYS), Mucus (MUC) and Bacteria (BAC). Further sub-classification is available with manual on-screen verification!

Magnification:  Standard 10X & 40X images

Memory:  Min. 200,000 results (including all images captured)

Min. Sample volume:  2.0 ml

Max. Sample loading number:  5 racks of 5 tubes

Throughput:  Up to 80 tests / hour (763A), up to 100 tests / hour (763C), up to 120 tests / hour (763B)

Built-in Computer:  Yes

Built-in Barcode reader:  Yes

Printer:  Laser, external, optional

Interfaces:  USB, RS232, LAN

Dimensions (main unit):  765 x 685 x 475mm (L x D x H)

Weight (main unit):  57kg

Power (main unit):  100-240V~50/60Hz, 450VA

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